Big Fish Affiliate Program - Trademark Usage Guidelines

These Big Fish Trademark Usage Guidelines (these "Guidelines") apply to your participation in the Big Fish Affiliate Program (the "Program") and refer to the limited authorized use of those Big Fish trademarks, trade names, drawings, logos or symbols ("Big Fish Marks") defined as part of the Program Assets. Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined have the meanings assigned in the Program "Terms of Service" (the "Agreement") between you and Big Fish Games, Inc.

1. Authorization to Use Big Fish Marks.

Big Fish has provided certain Big Fish Marks for your use on Your Site pursuant to the Agreement.

Provided the Big Fish Marks that appear on Your Site were part of the Program Assets, no further approval will be required for future uses of the same Big Fish Marks in the same manner and for the same purpose, and in compliance with the then-current version of these Guidelines.

2. Registration Symbols.

You must use the proper notice symbol to reflect whether a Big Fish Mark is registered or unregistered. There are two types of symbols:

  1. ® indicates a registered trademark.

    Example: Mystery Case Files®

  2. ™ indicates an unregistered trademark, whether a pending application or whether a word, phrase, logo or symbol in which we claim trademark rights.

    Example: Drawn™

At a minimum, the appropriate symbol must be placed on each of the Big Fish Marks the first or most prominent time that a Big Fish Mark appears on a page (including in a Game, on a web page or in any other media).

3. Use of Big Fish Marks.

  1. Always use a Big Fish Mark as an adjective modifying a generic descriptor (noun). Do not use a Big Fish Mark as a noun. For example:

    Correct: I want to play a Mystery Case Files® game.
    Incorrect: Are you playing Mystery Case Files®?

  2. Use Big Fish Marks (other than logos) in Title Case only. For example:

    Correct: Big Fish Unlimited
    Incorrect: big fish unlimited

  3. Use Big Fish Marks exactly as provided for your use by us. For word marks, do not vary the spelling, abbreviate, add or delete hyphens, break one word into two or more words, pluralize, or make possessive through use of apostrophes. Likewise, all Big Fish logos must appear exactly as provided for your use by us, without any alteration or modification of the design, words, colors and/or proportions.
  4. Keep Big Fish Marks visually distinct from other text, images or materials, keeping at least the minimum required space between Big Fish Marks and any other materials. The minimum required space buffering the Big Fish Mark shall be 20% of the height of the Big Fish Mark.
  5. The Big Fish Marks shall always appear large enough to read the logotype. For the Big Fish logo, the minimum approved size shall be 0.5 inches in print and 55 pixels on the web.

4. Additional Rules.

  1. You may not use Big Fish Marks in a manner that states or implies Big Fish affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement or approval, unless we have separately and specifically approved such a use.
  2. You may not use the Big Fish Marks, or confusingly similar versions of the Big Fish Marks, in a domain name.
  3. You may not use the Big Fish Marks, or confusingly similar versions of the Big Fish Marks, as all or part of a company name or trade name, whether registered or not.
  4. You may not register or apply to register the Big Fish Marks, or confusingly similar versions of the Big Fish Marks, in any fashion as a trademark or service mark.

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